Annabel's & Co. Catering


about annabel’s

Bradley Dockery, Julie Herman and Erik Herman have been partners in the catering business for 29 years. In the time they have been together, they have become well known for their exquisite presentations, their tantalizing tastes and their exceptional service.They got into the catering business because of their love for food…and for the beauty of it. It is very important to them to have something look good as well as taste good. They are constantly in search of great recipes to interpret on a large (or small) scale to make an unforgettable event.

When they founded Annabel’s and Co. Catering, they had one thing in mind…to create fresh, delicious, beautiful food at an event where the host is a guest as well. They wanted to exceed the expectations of their clients, and they’ve accomplished that, just take a look at their raving reviews! They treat each client as an individual. No two events are the same. They focus on the needs and wants of their clients and they run with it.