University Of Tennessee Intellectual Property Agreement

The UT Board Policy BT0024, which has been in existence since 1984, does not change. This is the only time you must sign an electronic confirmation and consent to the directive. Recent changes to federal provisions stipulate that the University of Tennessee has written agreements with all collaborators working on federally funded projects. The new rules are designed to ensure that employees disclose inventions made with federal funds and award the title. In addition to the requirement for written agreements on workers` inventions, the new rule clarifies certain definitions, reduces compliance costs, addresses co-inventions between beneficiaries and federal authorities, and simplifies the electronic notification process. If you have any questions about the directive or the new procedure, I recommend that you ask your questions in These agreements serve as a starting point for negotiations with research sponsors, potential licensees and others, as the agreements suggest by their nature. Faculty members are cordially encouraged to use these documents as starting points; However, all contracts must be processed through the appropriate office of each UT institution. In order to comply with this new legal requirement, the university invites all faculties, staff and student staff to electronically verify and sign the confirmation and agreement of the University of Tennessee`s declaration on patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights, UT Board Policy BT0024. The university considers sponsored work to be contractual agreements between the university and a third party to provide sponsored research activities or other services. The absence of a formal agreement (contract or MOA) on the use of funds or facilities must define the condition of “no substantial use.” While we are primarily concerned with patent law, we also deal with copyright, trademarks, clothing, trade secrets and business methods. The engineer must at least be in discussion with other forms of intellectual property. In a relatively short period of time, we will give you an overview of the rights of creative and resourceful people and provide you with the information to protect you and your IP ideas.

UTC recognizes the intellectual property rights of teachers, staff and students. The programme may authorize, under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOA), the use of funds for higher education for the development and organisation of distance courses.