Salga Salary And Wage Collective Agreement

2. that all workers will receive an increase of 3.25% per wage agreement from 1 July 2020 and 3% from 1 January 2021; As has already been mentioned, SALGA indicated that they would only benefit from the Covid 19 allowance if employees renounced their wage increases. Heese said there would likely be a “political storm” around the issue, “but one that reflects and reflects the national public sector wage agreement.” The NEC received a report that the National Treasury had made a presentation to the South African Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC), which called on municipalities to stay away from the final stage of the 2018 three-year wage and wage agreement, which would require municipal workers to receive a 6.25% pay and wage increase as of July 1, 2020. In June, public sector unions took the government to court for refusing to implement a permanent collective agreement, which would result in an increase in the salaries of state employees in April. The delegation used the Covid 19 pandemic as a “motivation” for municipalities to terminate the collective agreement, he said. The NEC expressed great disappointment and anger at the position and presentation of the National Ministry of Finance. The meeting found that the participation of the National Ministry of Finance in the Bargaining Council was excessive, undermining the parties to the SALGBC and attempting to break off collective bargaining. The NEC viewed the presentation and position of the National Ministry of Finance as an attack and declaration of war against municipal workers. The union said it had attended a meeting of the Bargaining Council on Wednesday at which a delegation from the Ministry of Finance “repeated insolence its request that municipalities request a waiver from the collective agreement,” said Koena Ramotlou, Secretary General of Samwu in Samwu. The demand comes from the fact that municipal workers are due for a 6.25% pay increase on July 1. This is part of the final stage of a three-year employment contract signed in 2018 to the SA Local Government Bargaining Council. Admittedly, SALGA believes that municipal workers are easy targets and can be blackmailed into forego their wage increases by systematically using the word “cuts” to force workers not to demand their wage and wage increases.

The NEC considers this to be a declaration of war, a war that we are prepared to fight to the end to defend the collective agreement on wages, which is legally and contractually owed to municipal workers. SAMWU had filed a request for 9.5%, while the employers` organisation had retaliated with a 4.5% pay increase which it was prepared to revise in the event of an agreement on allied demands. On Thursday, the SA Municipal Workers Union (Samwu) said it was “shocked and outraged by the Ministry of Finance`s attempts to break off collective bargaining in the municipal sector.” ยท Amanzi Wage Negotiation Council The NEC welcomed the total rejection of the above-mentioned proposals by SALGA, which is a permanent and legal agreement that should not be renegotiated by its immediate implementation.