Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys In Las Vegas

A valid marriage agreement requires a “reasonable period of time.” Both parties must have sufficient time to review and sign the marriage agreement. Nevada law establishes the need for a reasonable period of time. But it doesn`t define the length of time. This is also another area of legal uncertainty. It is therefore always best to avoid risks. Therefore, you must sign the marriage agreement months before your wedding. Whether you want to discuss a marriage agreement with your future spouse or have been submitted with such an agreement, it is in your best interest to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible. To discuss how we can help, call us at 702-823-4900. By clearly defining a party`s ownership and post-married rights, a marital agreement can help couples avoid future arguments if their marriage ends in divorce. In a prenupe, one often refers to how parties share assets, rebates, pension accounts or trusts. Our caring lawyers in the Las Vegas family have extensive experience in protecting the property of a potential spouse.

We can also help if your pre-marriage contract is called into question or if you feel your Prenup has been unfair. If you want to create a prenup in Las Vegas, you shouldn`t try to write this official document. An error in the development of this document to protect your resources could put them at risk. A Las Vegas Prenuptial Attorney from McFarling Law Group can help reduce this risk. Our experienced lawyers can help you protect your money, property, pension funds and your children`s inheritance if your marriage ends in divorce. Marital agreements are used to change a spouse`s rights in accordance with the laws of the Nevada community, often significantly. An ambiguous or apparently unfair pre-marriage contract can also be attacked by a couple`s children or creditors. It is essential to choose a pre-coverage firm qualified las Vegas with proven experience in designing prenupes for its clients. Since 2003, McFarling Law Group has helped hundreds of clients prepare legally sound and binding marriage contracts.