Optometry Practice Purchase Agreement

AOAExcel provides products and services that help physicians practice optometry more intelligently and effectively. A possible acquisition of optometry has many tires through which they can jump before the purchase is completed. Many of these problems are subtle and go unnoticed and threaten to disrupt the transition. Here are some questions to consider to avoid such problems: who should be in this team and where can you find them? Below is a list of the most important members of the team and the services they should perform. Use the list to make sure you have the necessary training resources. If you can`t find the resources, call us. We share ours with you or help you find them. In order to avoid any problems when a partner wishes to retire or sell part of the partnership, it is important that the partners sign an agreement stipating how part of the partnership should be sold. The sale of assets is made when a buyer buys selected assets directly in practice.

The buyer will use the assets in a new or existing business. The seller is left with the ownership share of the business, although it may be worthless. But there are two ways to buy a business that is a business. One option is to acquire the shares (or shares or membership units in the case of an LLC) from current shareholders. This objective is achieved by a share purchase agreement. The owner or owner of all outstanding shares of the company is sold to the buyer and the buyer then owns the company. There is no change in ownership of any of the company`s assets, no change to the company`s tax identification number, account numbers, etc. The company is unchanged. It has only one new owner. Here is the language for example that allows to acquire only assets: Buying a practice of optometry can be emotionally and financially profitable. Using professionals to help you with this purchase will ease the transition and allow you to be fully prepared for your first day as a practice owner. Buying an optometry practice is a complicated practice.

It is important to study and feel comfortable with the practice of optometry and the decision-making process.