Motor Vehicle Agreement Bbin

B2B Cargo routes are not included in BBIN. The envelope remains the most economical mode of transit. Because most vehicles are empty. The BBIN routes are asymmetrical in favour of India, which connects the India-BD-India roads. For others, regional transit trades are insignificant and existing modes of transport remain the least expensive option…. Read more The BBIN MVA can be a game change for neighborhood cooperation. For the first time, these countries have decided to exchange their traffic rights and allow the transit of freight and passenger vehicles within and beyond international borders. The priority is to develop functional transport corridors and then transform them into economic corridors. These economic corridors are expected to play a key role in strengthening existing value chains and creating new values. New Delhi, India, February 8 (ANI): Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) debated on Saturday a proposed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Agreement (MVA) to regulate passengers, passenger vehicles and freight vehicles between the four countries. The discussion in this regard took place today in the state capital at a meeting of BBIN member countries, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Representatives from Bhutan attended the meeting as observers, while the Indian delegation was chaired by Vikram Doraiswami, additional secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

2015.La delegation recalled the commitments made at the highest political level with regard to the implementation of the BBIN MVA and the importance of trade, economic cooperation and contacts between people through better regional networking, including facilitating regional cross-border road transport, in accordance with a joint statement issued after the meeting. They expressed satisfaction with each country`s progress in internal consultations with its shareholders for the protocol on transfers of Passengers.In supplement, and also discussed at length various aspects of the draft protocol on the transport of freight vehicles and, for the first time, jointly reviewed the existing draft text. In this context, the three delegations reaffirmed their understanding that BBIN MVA protects the rights and obligations of all parties under other international and bilateral agreements within the group, including those relating to landlocked countries.┬áDelegations also discussed a project to enable Bangladesh, India and Nepal to sign an agreement on the implementation of BBIN MVA by the three countries, in view of the agreement of the Royal Government of Bhutan on the entry into force of the MVA between Bangladesh, India and Nepal, without any commitment to Bhutan until the completion of the internal ratification procedures of BBIN MVA by Bhutan. “That was the explanation. They agreed to accelerate the completion of this project and thanked Bhutan for agreeing to this. At the meeting, it was agreed to work to restart the internal consultation process of the countries concerned on the basis of the work of the meeting until May 2020.