Groote Archipelago Local Decision Making Agreement

The Groote Archipelago will have a new independent boarding school and bilingual curriculum as part of a locally conducted educational agreement signed with Anindilyakwa Traditional Owners. Local DecisionMaking (LDM) is an obligation for the laboratory territory government to provide ways to transfer decision-making decisions and the provision of government services to Aboriginal people. Developing our 5-year business plan has been one of the most powerful ways to make big decisions about our school and school future. We have given a lot of thought to the collective and family efforts that affect our students. We have chosen goals and strategies that best meet the needs of our students. You can find the Groote Archipelago LdM Agreement here: The housing implementation plan is an agreement between the ALC, the new Anindilyakwa Housing Aboriginal Corporation (AHAC) and the Northern Territory Government (NTG). We have had some challenges, such as understanding the words, concepts, politics and governance. We maintain our own strong culture and often speak in the language to ensure that we all understand how to make the right decisions. The council has been on the road for 18 months, and we are still on a two-way learning trip. We were on a trip to create an independent public school. First, we had to choose consultants with the right heart to guide us in the development of the new governance model with a new constitution and all the important things that should be a real board for us. Karrikarremarbun is coming together to make big decisions, that`s what the board of directors does.

It is about finding the best solutions with a local approach, i.e. local solutions to local problems. The Economic Development Implementation Plan is an agreement between the LAC and the NTG to create a viable, culturally rich and sustainable two-flow economy in the Groote Archipelago. This means that it will help us to work with the houses we have today. We are the ones who will help make the decisions, because each house has different needs. It is important that we are involved in decision-making for our future. The Northern Territory government promised the Anindilyakwa last year, when we signed the agreement on local decision-making in the Groote Archipelago, that it would allow us to make decisions at the local level. `information`, where the government takes the lead in decisions and implementations; We know that building, supporting and investing in a strong Aboriginal government is necessary to ensure that local people promote local solutions and protect culture.

It aims to support Community-led decision-making, centred on Aboriginal families, children and communities, through strong leadership, governance and capacity building that enables Aboriginal people to advance local solutions through local decisions.