Google Street View License Agreement

In May 2009, the Giodo (GĂ©wny Inspektorat Ochrony Osobowych- Chief Inspectorate for the Protection of Personal Data) expressed doubts about Google Street View and its private life, which were mainly concerned about the same problems as in other EU countries. However, from 2010, Google cars appeared on Polish roads, with the agreement of the public authorities and in agreement with the Ministry of Sports and Tourism. Google has been in conflict with the Swiss authorities since the spring of 2009, when the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Information informed Google that Swiss law required it to anonymize Street View images before they were published. FDPIC has also warned Google against taking legal action if the company does not comply. Following the activation of Street View in Switzerland in August, FDPIC received numerous references and complaints about Google`s inability to adequately anonymize identifiable personal data. The FDPIC then intervened and called for substantial improvements. In October 2009, FDPIC made a recommendation to Google. Google refused to follow most of the recommended measures; FDPIC brought Google to court in November. In a press release on this subject, FDPIC criticized the fact that Google was not present in its recordings and stated: “The prior information provided by Google to FDPIC is incomplete: Google has announced that it will film mainly urban centers, but that it will then send complete images of many cities on the Internet.” In December 2009, FDPIC announced that it had reached a temporary agreement with Google regarding Street View, pending a decision by the Federal Administrative Court.

On 22 May 2010, FDPIC told swiss newspaper Sonntag that it was working with European data protection authorities to investigate Google`s collection of personal data from Wi-Fi networks. 13.5 At the expiry of this legal agreement, conditions which, by their nature, are supposed to be maintained for an indefinite period of time, will continue to apply, including Sections 3.5 (European Data Protection Provisions); 6 (Google`s property rights); 11.1 (content license); 13.4 and 13.5 (denunciation of this agreement); 14 (excluding guarantees); 15 (limitations of liability); 16 (compensation); 19 (terms and conditions).