Destiny 2 Limited Software License Agreement

(6) Subject to the Rejuveneer agreement, the right to decompat the software is granted only to ensure the interoperability of the software with other programs, provided that the decompilation is carried out by licensees or other authorized persons, that information to achieve interoperability has not been made available to the licensee and/or other persons authorized by other means and that the decompilation is limited to the parts of the software necessary to achieve interoperability. Information obtained through software decompilation cannot be used for any purpose other than interoperability, cannot be disclosed to third parties unless necessary to achieve interoperability and should not be used for the design, production or marketing of a software-like program or other copyright-infringing activities. (14) “royalties,” the royalties that the licensee must pay taking into account the software license and the rights granted by Rejuveneer within the meaning of Section 5. (12) “documentation,” the program documentation available on the downloadable website, which corresponds to the corresponding version of the software, including, but not limited to the description given on the site. 4. The right to copy the software assigned to the licensee under this paragraph is limited to the installation of the software on a computer or electronic device directly owned by the licensee, unless otherwise stated in the documentation or website. The licensee has the right to create copies of the Software for loading, displaying, executing, transferring or recording the Software if necessary for the intended use of the Software. The rights also include the right of an authorized person to make a copy for security purposes, which is called “Security Backup Copy” and bears Rejuveneer`s copyright note. (4) The software is free of third-party rights that prevent the contract-compliant use.

If third parties are entitled to such rights and sue them, Rejuveneer will do everything in its power to defend the software at its own expense against the claimed rights of third parties.