Car Wash Service Agreement

For customer safety, all service events are recorded. The service can use downloading our smartphone app from the App Store and creating an account. A. Grant. Assuming that the developer fully complies with this agreement and all other agreements between the company and the developer, the company, in accordance with Section 5 procedures, grants pronto Wash Points of Service to own and operate in the development area. With the exception of this section 2 and Section 5, the company may not grant a deductible to any other person to operate a Pronto Wash Point of Service or itself. The customer can report each problem to the provider by email ( or by phone (020 730 9180) days of the week 09:00-15:00. Problems are solved in the first place by the after-sales service. Notifications of service-related incidents are received on 24/7 at 358 20 491 2643 (fixed or mobile 8.23 cents/call and 16.69 cents/min. Juhlapesu`s service troubleshooting service is from 8:00 a.m.

to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays. [Sender.Company] maintains the following insurance coverage and will add [Client.Organization] as additional insurance in all policies listed on the date of signing a mandatory contract for the services offered: C. Pronto Wash Point of Service. “Pronto Wash Point of Service” refers to a parking lot or part of a parking lot where the developer receives a franchise for the operation of a business washing car with the Pronto Wash system. Individual services in the pilot phase are not included in the basic payment as part of the contract, although the pilot phase services are used by the customer and may also be free. Percent (75%) the company`s initial franchise fee for each site likely to be opened on the basis of the company`s rates at the time of this agreement. The company must credit the corresponding portions of this royalty on the initial franchise fees that the developer must pay at the time of signing each franchise agreement opened under this Agreement.

If the developer`s actual locations differ from the above rates, the company will charge or credit the developer with the corresponding amounts. In case, once this agreement is reached, the developers want to open a higher level than expected (. B for example, a tier-A site instead of a Type C site), the company has the right to give the developer the difference between 75 percent (75%) to charge. the company`s discounted fee for the newly selected animal and the actual amount paid by the developer for the quota initially selected when executing this agreement.