Bc Representation Agreement Section 9

2. At the request of a representative, the Tribunal may give instructions or issue an opinion on the interpretation of a provision of a representation agreement. 21.1. At the request of a representative or other interested person, the public custodian and the agent may appoint a monitor to replace a designated acting and representation contract in a representation agreement or appointed in accordance with this section or section 30, paragraph 3 (g.1), if the agreement to represent or amend or revoke a provision means that the representative can make decisions concerning the adult; There is no definition of a “representation agreement” under the Representation Agreement Act, with the exception of the more tautological “means an agreement under Section 7 or 9.” Section 2 of the Act provides assistance: 20 (1) A monitor designated by an adult or designated for an adult must make reasonable efforts to determine whether an adult representative is complying with Section 16. (b) subject to the subsection (1) h), the establishment of a new loan, including a mortgage, for the adult; (a) keep accounts and other records of the exercise of the representative`s authority under the representation agreement and (8) When a monitor resigns, dies, becomes incapable or, for some other reason, becomes incapable of acting as a custodian, the power conferred on each representative by the representation agreement is suspended until, under contract law, a promise of someone on a particular condition, such as “the sanitary facilities were replaced last year” or “I had a vastomie two years ago”. See “Misrepresentation.” You must also comply with the jurisdictional requirements listed in Section 10 of the RA Act, which state that you must understand the nature and consequences of the proposed RA9. This means that you need to understand what types of cases are handled in your RA9 and how a representative`s ability to make decisions on them is reflected. 5. A person designated as a monitor in a representation agreement must complete the certificate of a monitor in the prescribed form. The figure below shows where the RA9 information and forms can be found on the home page of the Nidus website. Be sure to click on the section that corresponds to your situation. Click Home (top of the blue menu bar) to access the home page and three photos/titles.

For the purposes of Section 7, paragraph 1, point b), of the Act, the following activities constitute a “routine management of the financial affairs of the adult”: 2. Where a representation agreement or provision is not in force or not applicable, any exercise of the power conferred on a representative by the agreement is valid and binding for the benefit of a person who did not know and had no reason to believe that the agreement or provision was not effective or unreased.