Apepdcl Ht Agreement

(a) On the basis of the audit carried out in accordance with sub-section 1, the request for undersuple or reimbursement of surpluses is made by the licensee: b) in the event of a late payment, the consumer pays an increase of 18% per year or the rates that the Commission can set from time to time, without prejudice to the holder`s right to separate the electricity supply in accordance with this regulation. Rs. 1200 per KW or part of the load. (a) with respect to the electricity supplied to that person; and/or c) “consumption charges,” the consumption of electrical energy in the Kwhrs multiplied by reasonable tariffs and also includes demand/fixing charges. Adaptation of fuel surcharges (FSA) and customer costs, etc., if any. “Currently, with a consumption of more than 500 units per month, the electricity tariff is 9.05 per unit (kilowatt hour). It now becomes Rs 9.95 paise per unit. There is no change in tariffs for consumers whose electricity consumption does not exceed 500 units,” APERC President Judge (Retd) C V Nagarjuna Reddy told reporters at the Commission`s Hyderabad office. (iv) For non-domestic/road/general purpose traffic lights (c) When the consumer is required to pay an “additional deposit,” the licensee gives the consumer 30 days` notice of the amount to be paid by support calculations. b) “Commission”: andhra Pradesh`s Electricity Regulatory Commission: (h) the words and phrases used in this regulation and not defined but defined by law have the meaning assigned to them by law. (iii) For industrial purposes, including the steel industryFor promoting the use of environmentally friendly electric vehicles for transport, the Commission has kept the price of electric vehicles at a reasonable level of 6.70% per unit, compared with 12.25 per unit proposed by the Discoms, said the Commission President.

(b) When it is found that a consumer`s existing deposit exceeds more than 10% of the necessary deposit, the repayment of the excess deposit by the taker is made by the taker by the adjustment of the remaining rights to be paid by the consumer to the taker, or an amount owed by the consumer to the licensee or an amount owed by the consumer to the licensee immediately after. Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (Security Deposit) Regulation, 2004 Reddy said the two Discoms together had projected a deficit of Rs 14,349 crore at current tariffs and a deficit of Rs 12.954 with the proposed tariff hike to certain categories of consumers. “As a result of due diligence, the Commission has identified a net deficit of 10,060.63 balances for the two licensees, thus avoiding the potential burden on consumers or the state government of a further sum of Rs.000,” he said. (a) Consumers pay the additional security deposit within 30 days of the date of the service of the invitation issued by the licensee. In a rude shock to private electricity consumers in Andhra Pradesh, the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) announced on Monday an increase in electricity prices for private domestic consumers of 90 percent per unit when their monthly consumption exceeded 500 units.